Deconstructing a Triggered Twitter Troll

Targeted on Twitter by Gary S. Kadet? You may find the following of passing interest. Plus a fair and fitting way to respond.

The Back Story

Gary Kadet and his peculiar brand of impotent rage and online harassment was an unexpected discovery when I began following the #MSWL feed on Twitter. If you’re not familiar with the hashtag, it stands for Manuscript Wishlist and was initiated as a category for agents to post projects of particular interest they would like to find in their inbox.

With the exception of an occasional hijacking by new writers promoting their self-published project ( and typically being promptly but politely rebuked ) the discourse was civil, positive, and supportive of agents and aspiring writers in the online writing community.

Until I noticed a peculiar character under the Twitter handle “@CastleMurder” making pointed posts ridiculing certain agents and questioning their ability to sell projects.

I’m familiar with the concept of “Schmagents”. But there are quite a few new, earnest agents on the #MSWL hashtag looking for talented writers to jumpstart their own careers .

It’s true there is not much worse for a writer than being fooled by a shady, mediocre agent (or faux publisher), in particular the ones focused on foisting services instead of actual representation or publication. So CastleMurder’s rants didn’t seem particularly hostile or out of hand (yet).

It was true that some of the agents in the MSWL hashtag were recently promoted interns who had never sold a project. Also true is that some agents use their Twitter platform to promote their own publishing projects, but never to the point of spamming the feed.

Those facts alone didn’t seem relative when CastleMurder ramped up his vitriol and unleashed a particularly unhinged stream of rants toward agent Gina Paniettieri and Talcott Notch, an established agency whose agents are extremely accessible on the writers’ convention circuit.

The Trigger

Kadet was outraged that Talcott Notch had rejected his manuscript and claimed Talcott Notch violated his Intellectual Property rights. That shouldn’t have been much of a trigger. Kadet would later disclose through one of his new sockpuppet acounts that he had “submitted everywhere” (i.e. been rejected everywhere) before finally ending up with a self-publishing writer’s co-op out of Florida. (More on that in a later post).

Establishing Identity

If the consistent blowhard cadence of Kadet’s tweets wasn’t an obvious enough digital fingerprint, Kadet had already revealed his identity behind the original “Mr. Mudget, Esq.” account (@CastleMurder) by advising other users they would “probably enjoy his book”, D/S: An Anti Love Story.

I wasn’t able to find a legitimate professional reviewer who ever did…

By this time, Kadet’s original account under his identifiable name (and several other sockpuppets he created) had already been long suspended. But he left enough conspicuous clues to tie the accounts back to his real identity.

His new sockpuppet account, “Dr. Mudgett”, includes the tagline “Your friendly neighborhood Anti-Christ”. Coincidentally, Gary Kadet’s original now-suspended account also contained an Anti-Christ tagline. (Gary isn’t very creative, even his Twitter attacks are recycled).

Rather quickly, Gary’s ever escalating rants ultimately resulted in this:

Another Account in Twitter Jail

Kadet, whose only remaining claims to fame were being one of the first recipients of a restraining for cyberstalking, being the defendant in a defamation suit, followed by a bankruptcy filing, was not going to be deterred by yet another Twitter suspension.

Digitally armed with at least three new personas, and a pending deal with a hybrid vanity press operating from a motel, Gary would soon become far more hostile, prolific and observably unglued, engaging in conversations with himself between his three newest personas…

Next: Kadet: Blowhard, Fail Harder

Have you Been Targeted? Leave Gary an Honest Review

Gary’s self-published project can be found on Kindle Unlimited. Gary enjoys leaving negative reviews for those he is harassing, and glowing sockpuppet reviews for himself. For the sake of perspective and self-reflection, he could probably use a few more honest reviews on his work.

Browse through “Look Inside” section, try to avoid the remedial grammatical errors and typographical eyebombs, and please leave an honest review.

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